The Learning Lamp turned out to be more than just child care for my daughter Emily.  It was a learning center that prepared her for school.  Now that she has started elementary school, she’s attending the school-age summer camps each summer.  When she misses a day because I am off from work, she’s upset.  What’s she’s getting from camp is a lot more than she would get staying at home for the summer.  We could not be more pleased with The Learning Lamp.

Laurie, Tom and Emily Karl

Johnstown, PA

The Learning Lamp To Go

Earth balloon

Looking for a more affordable option to field trips?  Check out The Learning Lamp To Go.  We can bring any one of our inspiring, hands-on workshops to you.  It’s less expensive than transporting busloads of students, but just as much fun!  Choose from:

  • Discovery Dome, a full immersion digital movie dome and portable planetarium where students can explore the edge of the solar system and take a roller-coaster-like ride through canyons of raging rivers and hot flowing lava Click here to see what shows are available for Discovery Dome. 
  • Earth Balloon, our 30-foot inflatable globe classroom that lets you study the Earth's many features from the inside out
  • Bodies in Motion, interactive classroom-based lessons that examine bones, joints and muscles through construction of models and physical activities
  • Geology Rocks, a hands-on workshop that encourages students to become rock detectives as they examine a variety of rock samples and learn how they were formed
  • KAPLA Kidstruction, an interactive introduction to engineering and building using KAPLA blocks
  • Giant Map of PA, a one-of-a-kind giant floor map of the Keystone State that can support history, social studies, and geography lessons with memorable activities on a supersized map
  • National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps, a seasonal program that encourages geographic literacy through feet-first exploration of the Earth's continents *Booking now for tours of National Geographic's South America map in May 2014! For more information on National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps, click here.

Nat geo map

Many more activities are available for all age groups.  For our complete program brochure, click here.  All To Go programs are developed and taught by certified teachers, so you can be assured that your child will have a great experience.

Any of these exciting, engaging activities can be scheduled for the location of your choice.  Don’t see what you looking for?  Give us a call and we’ll develop a custom program especially for your school.  Click here for details.